Forskolin Supplement Benefits & Dosage

July 19th, 2014

Forskolin is the name of an herbal compound obtained/extracted from the plant called Indian Coleus plant and its native countries are different parts of India, Thailand and Burma. This Asian herb which is full of wonders is become a known alternate to diet and drugs based on ephedra. As we just mentioned that it’s an herbal compound so it considered safe as compared to products that are based on high amount of ephedrine. On the other hand, many researchers are still working on it so that more can be revealed about the full benefits of this herbal compound and also related to the side-effects and its consequences in terms of safety. Most of the users who recommend these drugs are the sports medicine practitioners or doctors and also by the people who deal with obesity management. Let’s check out the main points that a user of drug should consider before staring the use of this herbal substance or compound.

Forskolin Health Supplement

We cannot deny that Forskolin is an herb and it should not be administered without any purpose. This drug should not be administered casually but it must be administered with great care. A detailed Forskolin review is available here. The important thing is to get a certification from a doctor regarding the use of this medicine. With the use of this drug increase of testosterone level in the blood is seen. As the drug has a potential stimulating the body of a human to react instantly with Lipolysis and as a result muscle performance is enhanced. It’s the breaking of Lipolysis or fat that helps people who are facing the problem of obesity. The hormone of testosterone hormones is good for promoting muscle performance and it also helps athletic experts or professionals. In addition to this, the drug is being checked for its good effect on immune system, respiratory system and cardio vascular system. Some sufferers have reported improvement in eyesight after using Forskolin drug.

coleus forskohlii plant

Forskolin Dosage

There is a clear restriction on dosage of Forskolin. Its typical dose is 25 mg to 60 mg three to four times in a single day. For good results take this medicine when your stomach is empty. Patients suffering from blood pressure or hypertension, pulmonary or respiratory diseases and prostate gland must not take this medicine. These types of medicines should be kept away from children and pets. If a pregnant woman and a convalescing patient need to use this drug then they must discuss it with their physician before its use.

Forskolin Side Effects

Forskolin cause drowsy effect due to the properties of antihistamine that it has. Antihistamine properties refer to its use as an anti-allergy drug. For that reason, its consumption with stimulant such as caffeine is recommended in order to manage drowsy feeling. On the other hand do not use drug without consulting a medical expert. The researches and drug development activities regarding this drug are in progress by many pharmaceutical companies. However, the wise thing is to be careful while using this drug till we get the results of research efforts.

In the field of medicine there is always room for new cures to health issues. Most sufferers choose medicines that are made from herbs & plants as they want to stay away from chemical side effects. With the rise in demand of Indian Coleus plant in the form of medicine its cultivation is also increasing.

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